Model Number:KBDA-24D Black

KBDA-24D Black (9536) AC Drives, Nema 4x Inverter 1 HP, 115/230 Vac 1-Phase Input, 230 Vac 3-Phase Output, Nema 4x Enclosure, Variable Frequency Drives

KBDA-24D Black (9536) AC Drives, Nema 4x Inverter 1 HP, 115/230 Vac 1-Phase Input, 230 Vac 3-Phase Output, Nema 4x Enclosure, Variable Frequency Drives

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Manufacturer Part Number: 9536
Item Number: KBDA-24D GRAY
Manufacturer: KB Electronics
Product Series: KBAC
Family Series: KB Electronics Drives, KBDA Series
Input Phase: 1
HP (Constant Torque Rating): 1 hp
Amps (Constant Torque Rating): 3.6 A
Braking Type: DC Injection
Closed Loop: No
AC Line Regenerative: No
Operator Controls: Built In
IP Rating: IP65
Motor Control-Max Level: V/Hz (Scalar)
Mounting: Panel
Input Range Voltage (AC): 98-132 VAC, 177-264 VAC
Package: KBAC1IP65
Dynamic Braking Trans: Not Available
Comments: This drive features an analog control panel.
Net Weight: 6.115 lbs
Gross Weight: 6.5 lbs

The KBDA-24D Adjustable Frequency Drive is a variable speed control in a NEMA-4X /IP-65 washdown and watertight enclosure. It is designed to operate 208-230 Volt 3-phase AC induction motors through 3.6 Amps RMS. The sine wave coded Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output operates at a frequency of 16kHz which provides high motor torque, high efficiency and low noise. Due to its user friendly design,the KBDA-24D is easy to install and operate. Tailoring to specific applications is accomplished via selectable jumpers and trimpot adjustments, which eliminate the computer-like programming required on other drives. However, for most applications no adjustments are necessary. Main features include adjustable RMS Current Limit with I2t Motor Overload Protection. In addition, adjustable Slip Compensation provides excellent load regulation over a wide speed range. Power Start delivers over 200% motor torque to ensure startup of high frictional loads. Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL ?) eliminates harmful AC line inrush current and adjustable Linear Acceleration and Deceleration make the drive suitable for soft-start applications. The Ride Through feature provides a smooth recovery to the previous set speed during a momentary power loss and Regeneration Protection eliminates tripping due to rapid deceleration of high inertial loads. Standard front panel features include diagnostic LEDs for Power On and Control Status, a Start/Stop Switch and a Main Speed Potentiometer. Other features include a Barrier Terminal Block to facilitate wiring of the AC line and motor, adjustable trimpots (MAX, MIN, ACCEL, DECEL, COMP, CL, BOOST) and customer selectable jumpers (line voltage,motor horsepower, auto or manual restart modes, motor frequency, frequency multiplier, fixed or adjustable boost).

Optional accessories include a Forward-Stop-Reverse Switch, Auto/Manual Switch, Power On/Off Switch, Signal Isolator /Run Relay and a Multi Speed Board. Quick-connect terminals are provided for easy installation of all accessories.

Agency approvals: UL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, RoHS available.


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