SCR Chassis Relay Reversing, DC Drives, Chassis 4

The KBCC “R” chassis control consists of two models rated for 1/100 to 3 horsepower. It is designed to provide anti-plug “instant” reversing, solid state dynamic braking, and rapid cycling. They combine all of the features of the KBCC™ control with the features of the KB APRM® The APRM® eliminates contact arcing by allowing armature switching to take place only when voltage levels are near zero. Specific functions that can be performed by the KBCC-R™ are Run-Brake, Forward-Brake-Reverse, Run-Stop and Forward-Reverse (instant reverse). This drive requires a Plug-In Horsepower Resistor® to operate and includes an AC Line fuse and an Armature fuse holder.* This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line. A 5k ohm potentiometer is included.

**Plug-In Horsepower Resistor® and Armature fuse supplied separately.