PWM Chassis Non-Reversing, DC Drives, Chassis 4

The KBWT series Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) DC Drives are rated for 1/100 to 2.2 horsepower motors. This chassis drive series consists of five models that are designed for high current applications. Several models are offered, which provide the user a choice of input voltage and output current. An important feature of these chassis drives is its active bridge circuitry, which limits inrush current during AC line startup and prevents control runaway due to a shorted output transistor. The KBWT also contains Timed Current Limit (TCL) which provides motor burnout protection. The drive also contains a Potentiometer Safety Circuit (PSC), which prevents motor rotation unless the signal input is first set to zero when power is applied. Features include an Armature fuse holder.* This drive also contains Auto Inhibit® which provides a smooth, safe start during rapid switching of the AC line. An optional Potentiometer Safety Circuit requires the pot to be at zero for start up.

Option: Combination Fuse kit (P/N 9849). (AC line and Armature fuse supplied separately.)

*Armature fuse supplied separately.