Model Number:8890

8890, SIAC-PS (3G), KBAC Signal Isolator Board with Power Supply

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The SIAC-PS Signal Isolator with Power Supply provides an
isolated interface between non-isolated signal sources and the
drive. It is used with the KBAC 3G Series Drives to isolate, amplify,
and condition DC voltage and current signals from any source
(tach-generators, transducers, PLCs, and potentiometers).
It provides an isolated input to control motor direction and an
isolated 5 Volt DC power supply for potentiometer operation. In
addition, this updated model contains an isolated 24 Volt DC power
supply for transducers or auxiliary equipment. All input connections
and power supplies are isolated from the AC line and motor wiring.
It installs easily into the drive with a snap-in mounting base and is
wired with a connector.

Main features include voltage or current signal inputs. Other
features include a power on LED, barrier terminal blocks to facilitate
wiring, multi-turn trimpots (MAX1, OFFSET), and a jumper for
voltage or current signal input selection. An optional accessory for
use with the SIAC-PS is the Auto/Manual Switch (Part No. 9481)
to select a signal input from either the SIAC-PS or the Main Speed
Potentiometer of the drive