KBPB-225 (8901) DC Drives, Chassis

The KBPB is a compact version of the KBCC "R"-suffix control. The APRM is mounted directly to the rear of the KBMM speed control. A built-in Barrier Terminal Block and its small size make the control ideal for installation where space is at a premium. The KBPB is equipped with a built-in dynamic brake resistor, Accel/Decel trimpots and provision for AC line and armature fusing. This control provides functions identical to that of the KBCC-R. A 5K ohm remote potentiometer is included. Patented. Dimensions: 4.30" x 5.10" x 3.50"

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KBPB-225 (8901) DC Drives, Chassis
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