KBBC-44M (9501) DC Drives, Chassis

The KBBC-44M is a microprocessor controlled DC-DC battery powered variable speed motor control designed for 12, 24, 36 and 48vdc Permanent Magnet and Series Wound DC motors. It has a continuous rating of 40 amps and is capable of peak currents of 80 amps for 7 seconds. The KBBC-24M low voltage DC-DC Drive contains many standard features such as current limit, short circuit protection, speed potentiometer fault detector, over-temperature sensing, and under-voltage/over-voltage protection. Eight trimpots are provided to tailor the low voltage DC Drive to exact specifications. Reversing contactors provide arcless forward, stop and reverse operation. A DC power contactor allows a low power switch to turn the control on and off. See data sheet D-905 for complete details. Dimensions: 4.10? x 6.30? x 1.70?

KBBC-44M (9501) DC Drives, Chassis
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