KBWS-15 (9491) DC Drives, Chassis

** This control has been replaced by Model#KBWS-25D, Replacement is a Dual voltage controller**

The KBWS PWM (pulse width modulated) controls are designed to operate PWM and SCR rated Permanent Magnet motors ranging from 1/50 HP to 2 HP. They operate at a switching frequency greater than 16 kHz to provide high motor efficiency and quiet operation. The KBWS contains pulse-by-pulse current sensing, which provides short circuit protection and prevents control damage due to commutator arcing. Permanent magnet motor demagnetization is completely eliminated because current peaks are reduced to safe levels. The controls contain an AC line inrush current limiter (ICL) which reduces the AC line surge current during startup. The KBWS contains built-in isolation for all inputs. This includes signal voltage, Main Speed Potentiometer, Inhibit Circuit and +5VDC Power Supply. The dual voltage models contain a jumper to select motor voltage and special circuitry which automatically accepts AC line input voltages of 115 or 208/230 Volts AC without having to make a jumper selection. Dimensions: KBWS-12, 15, 22: 4.30? x 3.60? x 2.20? KBWS-25D: 4.30? x 3.60? x 3.20?

KBWS-15 (9491) DC Drives, Chassis
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