KBWD-15 (8600) DC Drives, Chassis

Replaced by KBWD-16, The KBWD-16 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC motor speed control rated 6.0ADC-120VAC provides excellent dynamic response to load variations. The control significantly lowers audible motor noise and provides longer brush life. It also produces less motor heating which allows a smaller, less costly motor to be used for most applications. Another advantage of PWM is higher output voltage which provides increased output speed. The KBWD-15 contains (I x t) overload and short circuit protection. Diagnostic LED for power on and overload indication are also provided. Dimensions: KBWD-15: 5.30" x 5.50" x 2.20"
KBWD-15 (8600) DC Drives, Chassis
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