KBRG-212D (8819), SCR Chassis

The KBRG-212D is a compact version of the KBRG-240D. It is a full-wave 4-quadrant drive with updated performance characteristics. The control is rated through 3/4 Hp at 90 VDC and 1-1/2 Hp at 180 VDC. The drive contains a selectable jumper for motor current that eliminates the need to calibrate IR Comp and CL. The KBRG-240D also provides jumper selections for AC input voltage (115/230 VAC) and armature voltage (90/180 VDC). The control can also operate 90-130 VDC motors with a 230 VAC input. High speed CL prevents demagnetization of PM motors. Dimensions: 4.76" x 8.37" x 1.70"
KBRG-212D (8819), SCR Chassis
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