KBRG-225D (8800), SCR Chassis

The KBRG is a full-wave regenerative control, capable of operating a DC motor (Permanent Magnet or Shunt) in a bidirectional mode. It provides 4-quadrant operation which allows forward and reverse torque in both speed directions. The KBRG? contains many standard features, such as: armature and tach feedback, built-in horsepower selection, trimpots for Fwd CL, Rev CL, IR Comp, Response, Max Spd, Offset, Deadband, Fwd Accel, Rev Accel and Timed Current Limit. LED indicators for: Power On, Current Limit, Fwd Enable and Rev Enable. A 5K speed pot is included. Dimensions: KBRG-240D: 7.70" x 10.00" x 2.60" KBRG-225D: 7.70" X 10.00" X 3.50"
KBRG-225D (8800), SCR Chassis
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