KBET-240D (9469) Electronic Tachometer Board

The KBET-240D is designed to accept a pulse input (produced by a Hall or Inductive pickup) and create two independent isolated output signals. The Tachometer Output is normally used for tachometer feedback. The Follower Output is used to drive a second control in a master-slave system. Two LED indicators are incorporated into the KBET circuitry. The ?Power On? LED is used to indicate that the unit has AC power, and the ?Pulse? LED is used as a diagnostic to verify the presence of an encoder input. Jumper selections allow for setting the AC line input voltage (115/230 VAC) and the sensor type (Hall/Inductive). Multiturn trimpots are provided to tailor the Tachometer and Follower Outputs for specific applications. Dimensions: 2.7" x 4.8" x 1.1". Models where used: KBMM KBCC KBPC KBRG* KBWD (* unidirectional operation only on KBRG)

KBET-240D (9469) Electronic Tachometer Board
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