KBEP-240D (9108) Electronic Potentiometer Board

The KBEP-240D is designed to provide digital type control for motor speed control. It replaces a standard potentiometer with a set of momentary pushbuttons or membrane switches (customer-supplied) - one to increase speed (?up?) and the other to decrease speed (?down?). The unit contains a separate meter output that can be used to operate a digital or analog meter. The meter scale can be calibrated to desirable units with the built-in meter scale trimpot. The Min and Max trimpots are used to set the range of motor output speed. The KBEP-240D can be used as a master potentiometer in applications where multiple potentiometer stations are required. Dimensions: 2.7? x 4.8? x 1.1?. Models where used: KBMM KBIC KBCC KBPB KBPC KBRG KBWD

KBEP-240D (9108) Electronic Potentiometer Board
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