KBRF-100 (9107) Radio Frequency Interference Filter

**The KBRF-100 has been replaced by model# KBRF-200**

Model KBRF-100 is an RFI filter used to suppress electronic interference caused by motor speed controls. Most speed controls utilize SCR?s that switch on and off rapidly causing high frequency interference pulses. These pulses are easily transmitted through the AC power lines which can then enter other equipment wired to the same line. In addition, once the interference is allowed to conduct through the power lines, the wires become radio antennas which actually radiate electromagnetic energy through the air. The energy, whether conducted or radiated, is called radio frequency interference (RFI) and is most pronounced between .5MHz?1.5MHz, which is the AM broadcast band. Although the interference is usually not noticeable, except for static on an AM radio, it could affect sensitive electronic equipment in some instances. The KBRF-100 is an RFI filter which has been designed to limit the interference to within acceptable levels as determined by the Canadian Standards Association. The unit is compact in size (approx. 3" L x 1.8" W x 8" D) and installs easily via quick-connect terminals. It is housed in an epoxy-filled rugged ABS case which eliminates the need for a ground connection. Complete installation instructions are included. SPECIFICATIONS AC Input Voltage (VAC) .. 115/230 ?10% ? 50/60 Hz AC Load Current (Maximum) (RMS Amps) ........... 24 Attenuation ................................. 72 DB @ .49 MHz

KBRF-100 (9107) Radio Frequency Interference Filter
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