KBBW-12 (9140), Battery Powered DC Drive, 12 Vdc Input, 0-12 Vdc

KBBW-12 (9140), Battery Powered DC Drive, 12 Vac Input, 0-12 Vac Output, thru 1/2 HP, Open Chassis The KBBW Series of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) DC/DC motor speed controls provide excellent dynamic response to load variations. The efficient PWM waveform produces an almost pure DC current to the motor which provides low audible motor noise, and long brush life. Pulse-by-pulse current limit provides short circuit protection and prevents control damage due to shorted motors. Model KBBW-12 operates on 12 VDC and model KBBW-22 operates on 24 VDC. The Plug-In Horsepower Resistor® (PHR) (supplied separately) eliminates the need for recalibrating the IR Compensation and Current Limit settings when the control is used on various horsepower motors. Quick-connect terminals are standard for all connections to the drive. Adjustable trimpots allow the drive to be tailored to specific applications. The Inhibit Circuit can be used to stop and start the drive electronically with a switch or contact. The 5 kilo ohms potentiometer (supplied), a 0 – 5 Volt DC analog signal, or a PWM microprocessor output signal can be used to control motor speed. Options: Auxiliary Heat Sink Kit (Part No. 9142) increases the drive's current rating from 14 Amps DC to 20 Amps DC.

KBBW-12 (9140), Battery Powered DC Drive, 12 Vdc Input, 0-12 Vdc
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