8832 SIMG, Bi-Polar Signal Isolator, plugs on top of KBMG

The SIMG (KB P/N 8832) is used to isolate, amplify, and condition DC voltage signals from any source (power supplies, motors, tachometer generators, transducers, and potentiometers) to control the KBMG-212D Regenerative Drive (P/N 8831). In addition, it provides an isolated input for motor direction and an isolated power supply for transduceror potentiometer operation. Input connections (+15V, -15V, SIG, COM, and EN) are made via a barrier terminal block and are isolated from AC line and motor wiring. The SIMG is factory calibrated to accept a signal input voltage of -10V to +10V DC. OFFSET and MAX trimpots are provided in order to recalibrate the SIMG for a specific application.

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Simg Bipolar Signal Isolator Board
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